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We are a small family-run business, owned by husband and wife and established in 2019. Ours is a story of young love.

We met at age 18 and from that tender age, always set our intentions to one day owning a bar. Back then, we scoured the streets looking for buying opportunities and having ideas that floated around in dreamland, thankfully going nowhere back then. We had no idea how much work, time, and money it would take to start something from absolutely nothing.

But we stuck together and made a plan.

We’ve always set our building life blocks as a team. From eighteen we planned to get our first truck. We worked tirelessly, sacrificing our time and saving our money. Eventually, we got the exact truck we wanted, brand new. By 25 we planned to have our first house. We made it happen. We were married by 33 and knew we wanted two kids in our life; our bungalow was not going to suffice, so we planned to aim higher. We bought our second house at 33 and by 34 had our first child, then our next by 36.

By age 37 we finally made our third child “The Cat’s Cradle”. It took great risks, our life savings, and all of our time, but 20 years later, a lifelong dream is completed. We plan to carry on unto our grandchildren and wishfully longer.

We strive to provide a comfortable atmosphere of gold, brick, and stained woods. Our cozy sports bar offers gourmet foods, spirits, beers, wines, and beverages of all kinds, including hard-to-get imports. We've also got a sunny back patio for your lazy summer days, comedy, karaoke, jazz events, and live music that's sure to entertain.

We are nestled in the Corso Italia neighborhood, where my husband and family grew up with lots of friends nearby.

You'll always be greeted with a smile and by name, with a friendly “hello”. Our customers are like family. It's just how we roll!

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